Mother and son still wear masks, follow social distancing and wash their shopping as they follow Covid rules amid fear son with Crohn’s disease could fall seriously ill

Sarah Carter

Mason Milne is severely immunocompromised and maintains Covid restrictions A family have continued to live under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions despite the last ...

I’m a British mum living in the US… here is what I have noticed about eating habits since I moved over

Robert Johnson

Caroline said there was one major difference in how both nationalities snack A British mother living in the US has revealed the ...

Wordle wars! New York Times threatens to sue people living on Shetland for creating a dialect version of the online game

Laura Adams

By Emily Cooper For The Scottish Daily Mail 01:59 09 Mar 2024, updated 02:50 09 Mar 2024 A Shetland dialect version of ...

Cruel reality of living with rare disorder that makes even the faintest noise sound like a bomb going off in their ears

Sarah Carter

By Cassidy Morrison Senior Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com 12:33 03 Mar 2024, updated 13:26 03 Mar 2024 Sounds are overwhelmingly loud due ...

Riyad Mahrez’s wife Taylor Ward reveals what living in Saudi Arabia is REALLY like after tearful reaction to the shock move… as she opens up on the ’emotional rollercoaster’ of leaving Manchester

Olivia Martin

Taylor Ward spoke out on ‘overwhelming’ news she was moving to Middle East  The wife of football star Riyad Mahrez said she ...

Tortured neighbours of scandal-hit prison where cars are firebombed, drugs dumped over walls and female guards fall in love with inmates say it is like living next to a ‘nest of vipers’

William Turner

By John James and Stewart Whittingham 07:03 22 Jan 2024, updated 08:17 22 Jan 2024 Neighbours next to a scandal-hit prison dubbed Britain’s ...

Ukraine insists Putin is using at least three body doubles who are kept under guard and prevented from living independent lives

Emily Foster

Ukrainian intelligence has claimed that Vladimir Putin uses three doppelgängers A spokesperson said they are kept under constant surveillance  They added that they ...

Is ‘greedflation’ fuelling the cost-of-living crisis? How prices of own-brand goods have surged in the past two years – with baby formula up 45%, beans 57% and cat food 65%

Robert Johnson

Suspicions of ‘greedflation’ are on the rise after it was revealed that prices of own-brand goods have surged in the past two ...

‘I survived Eton so this is a walk in the park’, says Billy Smart circus heir who went from living in a 12-bedroom Georgian mansion to flitting between friends’ sofas and budget hotels in spectacular fall from grace

James Parker

There are few places more grim than a British seaside resort in November but it is here, in a down-at-heel Bournemouth hotel, ...

I’m an American living in the UK

James Parker

By Nova M Bajamonti For Dailymail.Com 22:58 13 Nov 2023, updated 23:42 13 Nov 2023 Aurora Victoria posted a TikTok video which ...