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We Now Know What Caused The Brightest Explosion Ever Seen In Space

Dr. Thomas Hughes

The gamma-ray burst GRB 221009A was so far off the charts for these events that we would only expect to see something …

Even really low doses of paracetamol could damage your heart, scientists discover

Sarah Carter

LOW doses of paracetamol that are “considered safe” can alter your heart, a study shows. The painkiller — also known as acetaminophen …

Brave girl, 6, runs into burning house to save her sleeping mum and baby siblings

William Turner

Olivia Patterson, six, was playing outside with a friend when she realised her family’s semi-detached home in Riccall, North Yorkshire, was on …

What prosecutors have to prove in the Trump hush money trial

Emily Foster

CNN  —  Donald Trump will make history when he arrives in lower Manhattan Monday morning as the first former president to go …

Taxpayers fund ‘trans archaeology’ course at top university

Robert Johnson

A taxpayer-funded course exploring “Transphobic Invocations of Archaeology” at the University of York has been branded a “scam” by a Conservative MP. …

The first Apple-approved emulators for the iPhone have arrived

Laura Adams

I played Game Boy Advance games on my iPhone last night thanks to a new emulator called iGBA, which appears to be …

Challengers review: Zendaya leads a thrilling, intoxicating and extravagantly sexy tennis psychodrama

James Parker

Get our free weekly email for all the latest cinematic news from our film critic Clarisse Loughrey Get our The Life Cinematic …

Tottenham 2-1 Leicester City: Martha Thomas scores extra-time winner

Olivia Martin

Tottenham booked their place in the Women’s FA Cup final for the first time with a dramatic victory over Leicester City at …