BBC journalist ‘liked’ tweet describing reports of Hamas rapes as ‘nonsense’

Dr. Thomas Hughes

It tells reporters: “Do not express a view on any policy which is a matter of current political debate or on a ...

Labour’s VAT raid blamed for closure of Alton School in Hampshire

Emily Foster

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, up to 40,000 children will be pushed out of private schools and into state schools ...

My in-laws blame the grandchildren for every sniffle

Sarah Carter

They might be beloved grandchildren who deliver bragging rights to their adoring grandparents, but my children are also – in the eyes ...

London to Scotland train tickets ‘more expensive than flights’

Robert Johnson

Train tickets from London to Scotland are becoming more expensive than flights, an analysis by The Telegraph reveals. Travelling by train from ...

You can’t afford another gaffe, senior Tories tell Rishi Sunak

William Turner

A former cabinet minister said: “We can’t afford any more gaffes like the ones he’s had, standing in the rain and getting ...

British-built satellite will improve floods and blizzards predictions

Dr. Thomas Hughes

Although clouds are crucial for modelling weather and climate, their height and density are tricky to determine from the ground. By placing ...

I’m 82 and up for it – so why will nobody date me?

Sarah Carter

Dear Rachel, After nearly 60 years of marriage, my wife died of bowel cancer 15 months ago. I ministered to all her ...

Anti-inflammatory diet recipes that will help you live longer

Sarah Carter

Health and nutrition experts disagree about many things, but there’s one topic on which there’s general consensus: the benefits of eating a ...

Inside the claims against Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice

James Parker

The unfolding story has proved immensely divisive. Without being in the room or seeing the BBC footage, there is no way to ...

Wayne Rooney’s Plymouth appointment to be confirmed over the weekend

Olivia Martin

Wayne Rooney will be confirmed as the new head coach of Plymouth Argyle in the next 24 hours. The former England and ...