Working people don’t have savings

William Turner

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a former Tory leader, added: “Those who generate wealth, who work hard, who are successful, who add huge ...

Tory defeat would be ‘our own stupid fault’, Jeremy Hunt says in audio recording

William Turner

A Conservative defeat at the general election would be “our own stupid fault”, Jeremy Hunt said in a newly emerged audio recording. ...

Donald Trump sticks the knife into Rory McIlroy with Bryson DeChambeau message after dramatic end to US Open

Olivia Martin

Donald Trump appears to have rubbed salt in the wounds of Rory McIlroy with an over-the-top congratulatory message to Bryson DeChambeau after ...

Nigel Farage threatens vetting firm hired by Reform UK with legal action

William Turner

Reform signed an initial 12-month contract with the firm, paying £120,000 for an “initial package” to cover “high-level background screening services” for ...

Is a vote for Reform a vote for Labour?

William Turner

In our first scenario, Labour would see its seat numbers decline to 403. In our third scenario, they would drop to 380 ...

Labour will be in power for 20 years if voters ‘get this wrong’, warn Tories

William Turner

Jonathan Reynolds conceded Labour would face “difficult decisions” on tax and spending if the party failed to deliver on its economic growth ...

The Right should fear Rachel Reeves more than Keir Starmer

Sophie Anderson

In one of the most famous psychological experiments of the past 30 years, Harvard-educated researchers Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons asked a ...

Labour pledges to create 350 banking hubs to ‘breathe life into high streets’

Robert Johnson

The Labour Party has pledged to create 350 banking hubs to offset the recent trend of branch closures and “breathe life into ...

Tories turn to Boris Johnson to combat Reform threat

William Turner

Mr Sunak and Mr Johnson have not talked during the campaign, according to one Johnson ally, suggesting their relationship has not fully ...

China has made a move. Watch the skies

Dr. Thomas Hughes

And on Dec. 28, the US Air Force launched one of its two X-37Bs on the type’s seventh mission. The 29-foot X-37Bs, ...