Downing Street was ‘infested with fleas,’ Liz Truss says in new memoir – POLITICO

William Turner

Previous PM Boris Johnson’s dog Dilyn may have been the cause of the bugs, but there was “no conclusive evidence,” Truss said. ...

Scrabble to change for first time in its 75-year history and become double-sided as part of a new ‘inclusive’ drive to deter people who find words ‘intimidating’ from abandoning the game

Laura Adams

Scrabble is set to change for the first time in its 75-year history as part of a new ‘inclusivity’ drive to deter ...

In dramatic court papers, actress claims Pitt regularly clashed with her and turned on their children in fight on private jet, writes ALISON BOSHOFF

James Parker

By Alison Boshoff for the Daily Mail 00:35 06 Apr 2024, updated 00:36 06 Apr 2024 The last words in their marriage ...

Why Kurt Cobain lives on

James Parker

There exists a common psychological phenomenon called the ‘telescoping effect’. This is when people remember events as being more recent than they ...

Manchester City vs Arsenal was America’s most watched Premier League match EVER… with over two million tuning in for the Premier League title rivals’ 0-0 stalemate

Olivia Martin

By Jake Fenner 21:48 02 Apr 2024, updated 21:51 02 Apr 2024 Share or comment on this article: Combined with Spanish station ...

The Graham Norton Show producer reveals the most SHOCKING (and bizarre!) request made by a star in the show’s 13 year history… yet insists BBC will NOT indulge diva demands

James Parker

A producer on The Graham Norton Show has shed light on one of the most shocking backstage requests made by a star ...

Scientists Find Supernova That Wowed Ancient Astronomers In 12th Century

Dr. Thomas Hughes

In 1181, a supernova explosion appeared in the night sky for 185 days. Historical records show that the supernova, which some witnesses ...

Scientists Reconstruct Face Of 16th Century Italian ‘Vampire’ Buried With Brick In Mouth

Sarah Carter

A 16th-century ‘vampire‘ who was buried with a stone brick jammed in her mouth over fears she would feed on corpses underground ...

Tudors imported bigger foreign ‘supercar’ horses as symbol of status and wealth

Dr. Thomas Hughes

It is possible some of the horses were either ridden by King Henry VIII or at least in tournaments he ran and ...

What is it? When is it? Meaning, origin of Feb. 29 date

Sophie Anderson

What is a leap year? Here’s the science behind the extra day. Why do we have leap years? The reason behind that ...