Fascinating Ways to Install and Features of The TPlink Deco M4 WiFi


The TPlink Deco M4 wifi is based on high-tech technology. This device is made according to the structure of the home. The mesh wifi system controlled method is app and voice. This device is connected with wifi or Ethernet cable for better connection. The brand name of this system is tp-link. This can be connected with wired and wireless. Most people use this product with a wireless connection. This device has the ability to reduce the interference of other devices. The device supports two frequencies; 2.4GHz radio frequency and 5GHz radio frequency with a data transferring rate of 1178 Mb per second. This mesh wifi system has the capability to connect up to 100 devices with us because this provides a very strong connection. This system is operated with a window like; computer and laptop.

The tp-link deco m4 setup, information, and instructions are given on the tp-link app and on the configuration card of the device. This device is only made for mode and it provides you a stable and better performance range of internet signal. This device works in many ways such as a router, parental control router, seamless roaming, and works with Alexa, etc. Next, I will discuss the features of the mesh wifi system below.

Feature of the TPlink Deco M4 WiFi

There are many features of a mesh wifi home system. To trigger with,

Strong network connection

This device provides you a better connection with your smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. We can connect approximately 101 devices to the wifi mesh system and this device minimizes the interference of other devices.

Parental control

Parents control that device through the tp-link mobile app and parents set limits on their children’s usage of the internet and they also block useless websites. Parents control that system far away from the device with the help of the device.

Reliable and fast wifi network

The internet transferring rate of this device is very high, transferring 1178 Mb per second with two radio frequencies. This device provides an internet network in the whole corner of the home for enjoying streaming video, gaming, etc.


The design of this system is compact and reliable and flexible. The wifi mesh system has a big speaker, reset and WPS  button, and LAN and WLAN ports for the wired connection.

Voice control

They can control this device with your voice through Alexa. That is the most important feature of the wifi mesh system. People need to say something to this device and then it performs their order in a perfect manner. These are the important features of the wifi mesh system and now, I am going to discuss the installation steps beneath the lines.

The installation steps of TPlink Deco M4 WiFi

If you want to install their device correctly. So, please follow these steps line by line for perfect operating of the tp-link device. To commence with,

First, you need to download the TP-Link app onto your IOS or Android device. Secondly, put this into your browser for login. After that, select the deco icon according to the model number of your device from the app. Then connect the device to the battery correctly and then connect their wifi system to their device with help of an Ethernet cable and then power ON the button and next, wait for the blinking of the light on the head of the device. After that connect the wifi to their android device set the password with help of the tp-link app. Then assign the network to the part of the home and Deco detects the connection signals of their wifi mesh system.

Then choose the MAC address of the device and then change the password and username of the device then the deco app detects the m4 wifi again. The next step is the TPlink Deco m4 wifi mesh system to test the internet connection and then your installation setup is finished.


The TPlink Deco m4 wifi is a wonderful device. There is an outstanding feature of the wifi mesh system. Last Sunday, my cousin purchased this product from amazon for their home. For better internet connection and that device provide the network signal into the whole house for enjoying, gaming and video streaming, etc. this device is three in one device that works in three ways such as a router, parental control router, and wifi booster.

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