Greece heatwave 2024: Missing hiker sent distress message to hotel before vanishing as search intensifies

Emily Foster

Michael Mosley’s friend pays tribute to ‘one of the most important broadcasters’ For free real time breaking news alerts sent straight to ...

Construction bond bombshell as major player quits market

Robert Johnson

QBE is a major player in the surety bonds market and the move will be a massive blow to main contractors already ...

That PowerShell ‘fix’ for your root cert ‘problem’ is a malware loader in disguise • The Register

Laura Adams

Crafty criminals are targeting thousands of orgs around the world in social-engineering attacks that use phony error messages to trick users into ...

Britney Spears posts cryptic instagram as she returns to social media after ex Justin Timberlake’s arrest

James Parker

BRITNEY Spears has posted a new cryptic Instagram in the wake of ex-boyfriend’s Justin Timberlake’s arrest. On Tuesday, Justin was arrested for ...

Steve Cooper close to being appointed new Leicester City head coach | Football News

Olivia Martin

Steve Cooper is close to being appointed the new Leicester City head coach.  Negotiations are in the final stages after the 44-year-old ...

Ancient reptile fossil shines new light on early marine evolution

Dr. Thomas Hughes

Stavros Kundromichalis An artists’s reconstruction of the oldest known sea-going reptile from the Southern Hemisphere: nothosaurs swimming along the ancient southern polar ...

Microplastics found in penises for first time, researchers say – raising questions over impact on sexual health | Science & Tech News

Sarah Carter

Scientists raise questions about the impact of microplastics on male sexual health in a new study. The size of pollutants varied, but ...

Nigel Farage and Lee Anderson set to win seats in new Ipsos MRP poll

William Turner

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France is ‘going to the dogs,’ Macron’s inner circle despairs – POLITICO

Sophie Anderson

The center cannot hold? Then there’s former Prime Minister Philippe, who has conspicuously been keeping his distance — even disappearing to take ...

Putin in Pyongyang live: Russia and North Korea sign strategic partnership pact | Ukraine

Emily Foster

Russia and North Korea sign new comprehensive strategic partnership pact Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un have signed a ...